Being Alive

So I have now been in Daegu for two weeks. It is very strange that this is true. It seems very short. I feel like I've been here forever and not at all. Some of the basics are starting to come more naturally. Example: I go grocery shopping and prepare food for my ingestion at regular intervals. I still don't know what the fuck is going on most of the time, however.

But really, that isn't a huge change.

I have met many cool foreigners. I want to make Korean friends who will take me to Korean restaurants and things. (I love the food but don't know how to order.) But anyway, I am a shy man at heart and always will be really. I hope I will make a few though.

The foreign teachers all fit together well more or less, and with good reason. We are mostly intelligent white people who couldn't find jobs in our western nations. We are university graduates, which presupposes a certain economic status as well as mental ability. We are, on some level, adventurous. (Personally, this is where I have the least in common with the others, haha.) So it is a cool bunch on the whole. A lot of girls, which I don't mind, haha.

I tend to dress over formally for class. I wear ties most days and there is a lot of tucked in button down shirt happening. I sort of do it to try and remind myself what I'm doing. When I get tired I revert more to a standard Sean who doesn't know what to do. But I think it is a good plan overall.

I don't get lost anymore. I even stumbled home drunk and unhappy without a problem. Somehow picked out a landmark through the tangle of the downtown streets and managed to get out safely. I went to a large club with two of my coworkers. I consistently forget that I even get upset at the Loop when it is busy haha.

I've only ever had a good time dancing when I go with my current girlfriend, or at least someone who is going to dance with me. I don't think I will ever be a picking up sort of boy, or even one who can find a random dance partner easily. It just isn't my way. I like talking and getting to know people, and not having to try and suddenly impress them on the spot in order to seem worthwhile. Anyway, as usually happens on these occasions, I begin to stare into space unhappily, looking much more drunk than I am, (although I am pretty drunk.) I then stumble home drunk quite unhappily.

The thing is I really like dancing. Just not clubbing. I love it. But god damn, I want enough space to practice my own personal style of dancing. And I want someone pretty to do it with. And I want them to see me and dig it, haha. So I'm pretty fussy.

And none of this really tells anyone anything about Korea. Except that there are many people here and they have large crowded dance clubs that I probably will never be into.

The trouble is there is so much westernization that things seem pretty familiar. You have to be pretty on top of things to figure out why everything is actually upside down haha. At least when you are writing a blog entry when you should be sleeping. I think I will go sleep now.

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  1. when you get back, we will go dance at the loop.
    and drink pints at phog.