A Blog for All Seasons

Today is a monumentous day for the people of the world. Today is the day that I sort of start a blog. A blog created under the working title of "The Chirp."

If you are reading it, you might be my close friend, or perhaps a bored acquaintance. I hope you aren't my mother. You could be someone random from the world, although at this point that seems unlikely. Maybe you're in love with me, maybe I'm in love with you. That is all beside the point: I know one thing about you. (And it's pretty good, frankly.) You are the sort of person who thinks that it is a worthwhile thing to give up some small portion of your life to the reading of pretentious ramblings on the internet. I don't know why you're doing it, but you are. I've been there too. I dig it. And I'm going to take advantage of it while it lasts.

If you keep reading the words I enter into the "world wide web" by means of small plastic buttons and a series of magical artifacts (like router boxes, tube rooms, power bars, electronic brains, etc.) you can expect to encounter certain things: I will likely complain about some things, but I'll do my best to keep that to a minimum; I just might try to start a series of failed web comics in the "bad art stick figure" style. If I can figure out how to work the magical tools at my disposal I might try and share my, frankly spectacular, musical taste. And who knows. I may "publish" any bad songs, poems, short stories, novella or travel brochures I happen to whip up in my spare time.

My personal goals for this "blog":
-stop overusing quotation marks for emphasis.
-find out what blog means.
-meet a beautiful English girl who will marry me.
-teach someone basic Latin grammar.

post scriptum: the first two statements of this entry are unrelated. Each day is marvelously monumentous. Alliteration.

post post scriptum: it's called The Chirp because for certain reasons I go by the name Seantehcricket on, like, five internet things. My real name is just Sean, and I am not a cricket, or into crickets in a big way. They're not bad.