So, four days of this now. Ten comics produced; more rattling around in my insides. I thought I would like to produce in bulk at first, so that, should anyone like to read them, they will have a little selection. I personally love to binge-read 20 or 30 webcomics in a sitting. Soon it will come to a point where I really need to try and promote this or something. To quote one of my fav authors "art, like sex, can only be carried on solo for so long."

I made some sort of Bookface group for it now. The pictures actually show up better in that medium presently; I need to learn to manipulate Blogger more cleverly. The comic is now temporarily named "Briggs and Ladders." Snakes and Ladders + Myers-Briggs if you're interested. I wanted to call it INTP, but then I realized that I would be ripping off XKCD soooo hard. If I could do better art than this, then by god, I might do it (if it didn't take too much effort, that is). But this is what the world gets. And I think I will bring a more intuitive insight on the psyche, religion, and things ethereal than XKCD. That comic is brilliant, but very firmly rooted in what I term "dull fantsy pantsy rationalisim," at least on some level. Not that that's all bad, but I think that the extroverted, objective and the rational people only have half of the picture. We all blunder through life in a haze of subjectivity afterall.

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